Meet Corrynn J. Peters

Corrynn Peters portrait
Corrynn is a founding partner of Phillips & Peters, PLLC.  Corrynn was born in Ontario, Canada and moved to Wisconsin when she was 12 years old and lived there until she left to attend college in warmer climates.   During her time in Wisconsin, she became an avid Green Bay Packers fan and remains a fan to this day.

Although she grew up elsewhere, Corrynn came to Hampton Roads for the first time at the age of 19 when she took a position as a summer camp counselor at Triple-R Ranch in Chesapeake, Virginia.   Corrynn would go on to work several summers at Triple-R Ranch and met her husband while at Triple-R.   Additionally, during this time, Corrynn grew to love Hampton Roads.  She continues to serve the Hampton Roads community by acting on the board of Triple-R Ranch.  Each year, Phillips and Peters sponsors the Run for the Ranch, a fun and family friendly 5K.  Corrynn’s husband also serves the Hampton Roads community as a high school teacher.

In 2000, Corrynn began her journey in the legal field as a first year law student at Regent University School of Law.  After graduating from law school in 2003, and spending two years clerking for federal judges in the western part of the Commonwealth, Corrynn returned to Hampton Roads, specifically Chesapeake to reside.  Once here, she had the privilege of serving the judges of the Chesapeake Circuit Court as a law clerk for another year.  While serving in such a capacity, Corrynn realized how important it was to have good attorneys practicing family law and set out to do so when she left the Court.

In 2010, Phillips & Peters was formed with the mission of helping families move forward through whatever changes might be facing them.   Corrynn wanted to practice family law exclusively so she could dedicate her talents to those families needing the benefit of an ethical and competent attorney.   Corrynn’s goals mirror her ethical responsibility to zealously advocate for her clients while at the same time looking for ways to solve problems for her clients.

Corrynn also believes it is important to be involved in the legal community outside of the everyday practice of law.  Accordingly, Corrynn has been active in the Chesapeake Bar Association, serving five years on the board culminating in acting as President of the Chesapeake Bar Association in 2013.  Corrynn has served in many capacities with the Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar Association, including serving on the Continuing Legal Education Committee (Former Co-Chair), the Bench-Bar Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee and, currently, the Bench-Bar Relations Committee.  Corrynn has previously served as a coach for the mock trial program and has served as a judge for that program for the past several years.   Corrynn has researched and taught continuing legal education programs in the areas of ethics, guardian ad litem practices and other family law related areas.

When not practicing law or running her business, Corrynn spends most of her time with family, especially her husband and daughter.  Corrynn’s most recent hobby is running and she recently trained for and completed the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge (10K and half-marathon) at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  


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