Embracing New Traditions

Embracing New Traditions

Christmas traditions are one of my favorite things about the holiday season. I love traditions. I love to hear about other’s traditions, as well. As a child, one of my favorite traditions was getting to open one present on Christmas Eve. We always knew which gift was our “big” gift because invariably one of us would pick out a gift to open and the response would be “not that one.” Then we’d pick another one and it would be socks or something similar. It was a lot of fun though, and that’s what’s important. My siblings and I often reminisce about our traditions, and the memories that are the most vivid are always the ones that required us to do something a little different to maintain the tradition

For example, my mother is a nurse and was often required to work on Christmas Day. I remember one Christmas where she had to work early in the morning. It is our tradition to open our gifts first thing in the morning and we did not want to alter that practice. So, the plan was that we would get up extremely early (read: 4 am) to open presents before my mom went to work. The fun part: my siblings and I decided to stay up all night waiting to open presents. It was a blast and we still talk about it to this day.

As much as I hate for traditions to change, keeping an open mind to adjust them and try something new can end up making the best memories

This year, even if things look different than last year, let us encourage you to keep as much of the good from old traditions as possible, and to start some new and fun traditions. Make the best memories that you possibly can and choose joy no matter your situation.

Merry Christmas from the Phillips & Peters’ Family.


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