Phillips Peters Receives COVID Business Resiliency Recognition

Phillips & Peters Receives COVID Business Resiliency Recognition

After an unprecedented year, the Hampton Roads Chamber decided to recognize businesses in the region that demonstrated resiliency, innovation, determination, and agility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Non-profits and businesses of all sizes were invited to share their stories. As a small business we decided to participate and share ours as well:

When the seriousness and longevity of COVID emerged, we knew that households struggling through family transitions were going to be impacted severely. It wasn’t long before we saw courts closing and cases continued for our clients. Entering a period of uncertainty meant our purpose was more alive and needed than ever. “Helping You Move Forward” is the mission of Phillips & Peters and we continued to live that out through the difficulties of COVID with teamwork, communication, and relying on forward-thinking procedures that we put in place years ago.

From the start of the business in 2010, we wanted to be a paperless law firm. Over the years we have made great strides in that direction and were just waiting for the courts to catch up. When we sent everyone home to mitigate the risk of the infection our team was already working on cloud-based servers. We didn’t miss a step when we transitioned. Our team’s work ethic remained strong and consistent for our clients. One of our core values is unity so we dedicated the last half hour of the workday to daily meetings. With those meetings, we stayed connected to each other and informed.

We were determined to stay ahead of COVID trends as information started coming in from China, Italy, and other countries further along in the pandemic. We read the reports about skyrocketing divorce rates, domestic and child abuse, and the high separation numbers with newer couples. In anticipation of this coming trend, we promoted virtual and over-the-phone consultations so individuals in painful situations were aware of their options.

With the courts constantly delayed we introduced mediation to allow ambitious couples to make progress on their own. We ventured into new territory by going live on our social media platforms to keep our audience informed of court updates and changing state laws. We engaged in frequent wellness checks with the businesses around us and connected with fellow attorneys to discuss what was working well for our team.

As we continue to work through this time of COVID our company will always do its best to keep our clients and team safe. We entered 2021 with a focus on gratitude. There have been many losses, as there can be in family law, but we know how to keep our attention forward and on progress.

Phillips & Peters achieved honorable mention along with eleven other businesses in the small business category. Throughout the virtual event, we were so encouraged to hear other stories from our community. The 757 will bounce back from the effects of the pandemic. Congratulations to all the businesses that pivoted to the positive and found a way forward.

Screenshot of businesses and non-profit leaders at COVID resiliency event.


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