Facing your Fears with Family Law

Facing your Fears with Family Law

There are scarier days in October than Halloween. October 20th is “National Face Your Fears” Day which is celebrated on the third Tuesday of October every year. The thought of facing your fears can be scarier than the thought of facing Freddie Krueger. Facing fear can be particularly scary if it involves divorce or the splitting of your nuclear family. This decision can be extremely difficult and oftentimes, the easy path is to stay in the relationship despite one’s desire to leave.

The fear of the unknown, the what-ifs, and the perceived instability that may follow a separation is enough to make anyone turn and run from their fears. This fear is likely magnified if you have children with your partner. However, not addressing your fears, can make you more afraid and riddled with anxiety. Stop giving in to your fear and address the issue head-on.

Consulting with an attorney is one way to help alleviate your fears. Getting legal advice on the best move forward for you and your family might settle much of the fear that is causing you turmoil. You may find that your fear has been exaggerated in your mind and while the separation will certainly change your life, it may not have the disastrous effect you imagined.

Consider engaging the services of a mental health provider to help guide you through the emotional roller coaster that may result from the separation. If you have children, consider engaging them in services as well. Talking with a professional about your fears of the unknown, or even the known, will help the anxiety subside. A mental health professional can provide you with the tools you need to manage your fears and with time, eventually overcome them.

Allow yourself and your children the opportunity to be happy and live life to the fullest. Do not allow fear to continue to hold you captive. Face your fears.


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