Hunger Action Month in Hampton Roads

Hunger Action Month in Hampton Roads

What is Hunger Action Month?

With the efforts of the nonprofit group, Feeding America, September is now known as Hunger Action Month. This means food banks across the nation have been reaching out to their local communities for support. Currently, 1 in 8 of Americans wrestles with hunger. The Hampton Roads community is not exempt from these struggles. With a little over a week left in September, there are still ways for everyone to learn more and get involved.

Roughly 50% of all produce in the United States is thrown away.

How then do we still have food insecure families in America? “Food insecurity” is defined by the USDA as the lack of access, at times, to have enough food for all household members. At times this means sacrificing food for other necessities. We don’t have hungry families solely for lack of food. Hunger is perpetuated the systematic social structures that create and sustain poverty. Together we can tear down those systems and obstacles. Until then there are ways to get involved today.

Hunger Action Month Food Map of Virginia

The seven cities of Hampton Roads has around 196,630 food insecure individuals. The mission of our local food bank is to eliminate that need. In April, Phillips & Peters participated in our first-ever Legal Food Frenzy. For the past 13 years, this statewide competition has provided more than 17 million pounds of food for Virginians. For two weeks, we hosted a canned food drive and events to raise awareness and money about the need in our community. Our team also had the privilege of volunteering at the food bank. We assembled packages for those in need. Those combined efforts led to 2951 meals for our community. If our small family law firm can make such an impact we know that others can too!

Phillips & Peters provided 2951 images to the Foodbank

What can we accomplish together?

The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore asks for the donation of funds, food, and time. For every $10 donated up to $60 worth of healthy food supports our food-insecure neighbors. For those unable to give financially donating time to volunteer is also helpful. Spreading the word about the need is also welcomed. Whatever course of action you take this September we thank you for supporting our local community during Hunger Action Month!


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