Moving Forward on Valentine’s Day

Moving Forward on Valentine’s Day


America’s favorite Hallmark holiday is quickly upon us. For those familiar with the inside of a family law office this Valentine’s Day might feel different than before. Whether or not you ever enjoyed all the reminders of the “love holiday”—red heart-shaped cards, chocolate-filled boxes, flowers, teddy bears, dinner reservations—if your family is falling apart, you’re likely to be in a funk around the middle of February. Here are some ways you can deal with disappointment and heartache on a day meant to celebrate the opposite:

Love Yourself

You don’t need a significant other to show yourself some love on the 14th. Set aside time in the morning to mourn the loss of a relationship if you need to but then shake it off and get ready to celebrate yourself! Fill your day with positive self-talk and rock an outfit that you feel the most confident in. Find an activity or two that you find enjoyable or treat yourself to a new experience. Have you been putting off some needed self-care time like a massage or intentional quiet time? Well, today’s the day! Do something special just for you.

Love Your Friends

Love Your Friends

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love. The Ancient Greeks had at least four different words for love including “Philia”. Philia can be defined as “affectionate regard” or “friendship”. So this February why not take some time to show some love for your friends.

Ladies have a growing celebration known as Galentine’s Day as a blueprint. If you haven’t heard of Galentine’s Day it’s another fictional holiday celebrated on February 13th that’s all about “ladies celebrating ladies”. Since the concept first aired on Parks and Rec in 2010 the recognition has grown every year. Even Target has created a dedicated section of their store to the festivities. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Galentine’s Day but we recommend surrounding yourself with the beautiful land mermaids you call friends and showering each other in compliments while eating waffles in true Leslie Knope fashion.

Love Your Kids

Make Valentine’s Day about your love for the little ones you brought into this world. Even if your children are older you can choose to have fun by starting a February 14th family tradition. Complete a random act of kindness together or try your hand at homemade heart-shaped pizzas. Celebrate your kids and let them be a reminder that you are loved and you have lots of love to give.

Be mindful that Valentine’s Day is just a day. While your celebration might be different during your family transition that doesn’t mean it has to be bad. Remember that love can be shared in many ways and you can do your part to make sure others feel loved this holiday. That’s the best way to keep yourself moving forward.


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