Moving Forward With Wellness

Moving Forward With Wellness

We prioritize our wellness, so we can prioritize you.

Phillips & Peters’ goal for our clients is to help them move forward from difficult family transitions. We seek to achieve this goal in productive and healthy ways. For the team at P&P to accomplish this we must make sure we are moving forward throughout life in an active manner. A movement has gained momentum in the legal community. Attorneys and all legal staff need to make their well being a priority. When we do everyone remain vigorous and effective at the legal work we do. The Virginia Supreme Court cares about this issue so much they created a committee to find ways to enhance lawyer well-being

It has always been a priority at P&P to have happy clients, employees, and attorneys. In 2019, we felt it important to devote an entire year to the theme of “wellness” to learn more. For the past seven months, we’ve completed weekly challenges that center around wellness. The challenges help us restore the balance between the many dimensions of wellness. We’ve learned there are at least eight areas of well being to explore. So far, we have delved into emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. While these aspects of wellness are not exclusive and overlap, there are still others to explore

Even though we are over halfway through the year we encourage everyone to think of ways to make wellness a priority. Much like the oxygen mask on an airplane, an adult must put theirs on before helping anyone else. Each of us must make sure we are in a position to help others before we can actually help others. I invite you to share with us your personal journey as we continue with our firm journey. You can follow our progress on our Facebook page and Instagram. We encourage you to join in on the wellness journey too! Share your progress with our hashtag, #FeelWellMoveForward. We can’t wait to see how prioritizing wellness revitalizes the rest of your year.


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