The most successful clients are the ones that…

The most successful clients are the ones that…

A successful legal team consists of three key players all working together towards the same goal. Lawyers represent, advise, prep, and plot a legal pathway forward. Paralegals coordinate, communicate, research, and file. While some people assume the third member of a legal team is the judge or court system, we would argue the final key player is the client.  

The best lawyers and paralegals in the world cannot do much without their client’s participation. Clients set the goals and provide information to help their case. A good client completes the trinity of an effective legal team. Phillips & Peters has served hundreds of clients during its eleven years of service. Throughout that service, the most successful clients have shared common characteristics that contribute to a steadier legal process.

Assist by Providing Instead of Hiding

While working on a case an attorney will have access to sensitive information. This knowledge helps the legal team achieve the client’s goals. This includes but is not limited to financial and medical records, personal communications like text, emails, and social media messages, and more. The desire to hide information from an attorney often impedes the original goals set. The attorney-client relationship is legally bound to be private. Instead, the most successful clients are open and assist their case by bringing everything to the table. When the legal team has the full picture there is less of a chance for surprises that impede the pathway forward.

Stay Open and Honest

A good client stays open and honest with their legal team about where they are in the process of their journey. Goals might change throughout the process while negotiations are happening. A successful client embraces the freedom to speak up when their desires are shifting. This gives the attorney notice to shift tactics if needed to satisfy all expectations. At Phillips & Peters, we create a partnership with our clients, so they are aware of the legal pathway ahead and do not have to stress over strategy.

Listen and Trust

Listening is a lost skill in today’s world full of notifications and distractions demanding attention. The most successful clients listen and trust that their attorneys are working to help them move forward. When an attorney advises, and the client does not listen it often causes more work for the legal team and stress for the client. One easy way to practice this skill is by reading and processing all communications before responding. Clients can also return documents and information in a timely fashion. In the legal world, a lot of attention is given to details and deadlines, so a good team does the same.

Remember teamwork makes the dream work. At Phillips & Peters, our attorneys and paralegals work with you to create an effective legal team. If you are ready to take your first step forward with a team then give us a call or schedule your consultation online.


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