8 Tips to Successfully Transition Back to Work

8 Tips to Successfully Transition Back to Work

No matter how much you love your job and coworkers, the transition back to work after being home can be tough. The impact of the coronavirus tossed many established routines and habits out the window. As states open back up and bosses decide it is safe to open the business doors once again, here are eight quick tips for a successful transition out of quarantine.

1. Start Waking Up Earlier

Early risers reap several benefits by rolling out of bed before anyone else. They have more energy, more time to focus their day, exercise, and are usually more productive. Prepare to wake up earlier to find your new morning routine. Take your time and make mental notes of what does and does not work for the coming days.

2. Prepare for Your Commute

That first drive back to the office might feel unfamiliar. For some, it may even be tiring. Get ahead of those feelings by queuing up some energetic music or an enthralling podcast. You will be so preoccupied with your good entertainment choices that you won’t even be bothered by traffic.


3. Pack Your Bags

Remember lunch boxes? Prep some meals a day or two before your return so you don’t have to stress about your midday food situation. Do you need to repack or reorganize your briefcase or work tote? Make sure to do so. These little bits of planning can get your head in “go to work” mode.

4. Pick Out an Outfit

Picking out your outfit the night before gives your brain one less decision to focus on in the morning. Treat your first day back at work like the first day of school. Dress to impress in your business best.

5. Get Fido Ready

Our fluffy coworkers are going back to the work of ruling the house while we are gone. Make sure to give your pet some time to adjust to your new schedule by leaving the house every day with increasing increments before heading back to the office.

6. Bring Some Of Your Favorite Elements of Home to the Office

Consider which comforting elements of home life you could bring with you into the office. Did you enjoy making fresh coffee every morning? Was the view outside of your home enjoyable because of all the greenery? Did you take after lunch walks in nature to motivate yourself for the rest of the day? Whatever helped you work your best at home, find ways to bring those elements and habits into the office.


7. Give Yourself Mental Space to Adjust

Transition Fatigue is a real phenomenon that affects us cognitively, emotionally, behaviorally, and physically. In just the mental sphere, “Transition Fatigue manifests itself in, among other things, decreased concentration and organization and the inability to complete tasks”. It might take a couple of days to get back into the swing of things. Don’t do yourself further harm with unrealistic expectations. Give it your best but take it slow.

8. Plan A Few Fun After Work Events

Offices aren’t the only places of business opening back up. All your favorite restaurants, bars, and after work spots are flinging their doors open as well! Grab a couple of colleagues and stretch your social muscles at your favorite local spot.


Change is hard, but managing a smooth transition back to work is possible if you put your mind to it. We hope with the right tools and the right mindset can help you successfully get back to the office and keep moving forward.


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