4 Ways to Support Professional Service Industries

4 Ways to Support Professional Service Industries

On the first Wednesday of every month, the family law office of Phillips & Peters celebrates Women Crush Wednesday! These are not sponsored or paid posts – just women business owners we love to support that are crushing it in Hampton Roads.

Professional Services Business Owners
Some of our former WCW that offer professional services to the Hampton Roads community.

With the economic slowdown happening due to coronavirus professional service businesses are taking a financial hit. The looming fear of a global recession is causing individuals and families to cut back and reserve their resources. Historically, small businesses bear the brunt of these situations. While consumers have rallied around local restaurant and café owners, it can be hard to find ways to support local service providers. Throughout April, we will be checking in with our former Women Crush Wednesday business owners to report how they are responding and adapting to COVID-19. Until then here are four easy ways to support local industries that provide professional services.  

4 Easy Ways to Support Professional Service Industries

1. Send Referrals

Even if you don’t currently require a professional service, chances are you know someone in need. Personal recommendations are very impactful. Send referrals to businesses you trust. Those referrals might turn into clients and create a win-win partnership for your favorite people and places of business.

2. Leave Reviews  

Online reviews are just as powerful as word of mouth recommendations. For individuals seeking out new services, 93% make a purchasing decision based on reviews they read online. Google reviews help a business rank higher in the search engine. Facebook recommendations are an easy way to share your support with family and friends. Consumers are quick to write negative reviews after a bad experience. We should be just as quick to share positive experiences and excellent service. 

3. Engage and Share Content on Social Media  

Another way small business owners connect with their communities is through social media. By actively engaging with social media profiles such as Facebook pages or Instagram feeds you help a business increase awareness and connect with potential clients. A quarter of all time spent online is spent on social platforms so this small action can have big returns for small businesses that offer professional services.

4. Be Patient and Flexible

We are in an unprecedented moment in modern history. With states issuing “stay at home” orders, schools canceled, and remote work on the rise we are all adjusting to flatten the curve. Delivering client services can be challenging but the best businesses are dedicated to serving their clients well. Some services have easily transitioned to solely digital means while others are trying to still figure it out. Be patient with your favorite businesses and know they are working hard to give you their best. 


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