Virginia Beach Explorer, Toni Guagenti, is our WCW for September

Virginia Beach Explorer, Toni Guagenti, is our WCW for September

On the first Wednesday of every month, the family law office of Phillips & Peters celebrates Women Crush Wednesday! These are not sponsored or paid posts – just women business owners we think are crushing it in Hampton Roads that we love to support.  

Toni Guagenti

With Labor Day behind us, Fall is unofficially here! Everyone seems to be ready for cooler weather, changing leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything. But just because summer is over doesn’t mean there is a shortage of fun things to do in Virginia Beach. In fact, our Women Crush Wednesday of September wrote a whole book about it!

Toni Guagenti is an established communication and marketing professional. She is also the author of, “100 Things To Do in Virginia Beach Before You Die”. Originally from Ohio, Ms. Guagenti came to Hampton Roads as a journalist for The Pilot. During that time, she covered pretty much everything having to do with Virginia Beach. After 12 years with The Pilot, she entered the world of freelance and consulting. Soon after she found a job working with former mayor, Will Sessoms. It wasn’t long after than when a friend approached her with the opportunity to write the book.

100 Things to do in virginia beach

Toni will be the first one to tell you “100 Things to Do in Virginia Beach Before You Die” is a launching off point. The curious adventurer can use it as a guide. She has experienced everything in the book and knows there is even more to see. “What I like about this book is that there are places you can go and find other things to do. If you go to Monks, you’re driving down near the North Carolina line. You’re going to see all the great stuff to do along the way. You’ll experience the beauty of Pungo. There’s even more to discover.” If you were born and raised in Hampton Roads reading “100 Things to Do…” can be a refreshing reintroduction to Virginia Beach. There are itineraries for every season so don’t let the shorter days stop you from a new local adventure.

We love the way Toni appreciates the 757. When asked if she had any advice for the whole of Hampton Roads she encouraged locals “not to get stuck in routine” and “appreciate all the opportunities this area has to offer”. We wondered if similar books for neighboring cities were in the works. Nothing is official yet, but she did send a sample to the publisher. The Phillips & Peters family lives across Hampton Roads and we would love to see a 100 Things book for every city! What would you put on your list for 100 Things to do in one of the cities of Coastal Virginia?


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