Adoptions are one of the most rewarding areas of practice for a family law attorney. This is especially true at Phillips & Peters since one of the founding partners built her family through adoption. Adoption can be equal parts joyful and stressful for everyone involved. The family seeking to adopt or the birth mother looking to place her baby with a loving family are both seeking positive outcomes.

To make the experience as smooth as possible, first, recognize that not all family lawyers have experience in Virginia adoption laws. Some may have never been involved in the legal representation of adoption matters. It is important to select an adoption attorney skilled in Virginia law because of the variety of adoptions available.

Areas of Practice_Adoption

The possibilities of adoptions include:

  • Agency
  • Parental placement
  • Stepparent and confirmatory
  • Close relative
  • Adult

We understand and have experience assisting families through this process. If you are planning to grow your family through adoption your best step forward will be with Phillips & Peters. We will be with you through every stage of this process and move your family forward with your plans.

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