New Year, New You: What to do if Divorce makes your resolution list

New Year, New You: What to do if Divorce makes your resolution list

As the Christmas season ends and the New Year fast approaches, people begin planning their New Year’s resolutions: a fresh start with a list of goals to begin forming the “new you.” It is a time of self-reflection and a chance, to be honest with yourself about your happiness, or lack thereof. Some popular resolutions include weight loss, more exercise, and healthy eating habits. For those whose list also, includes separation or divorce, below are three steps that can help you as you make this decision

Step One: Know the Law 

For those who decide that their marriage is past repair, look to Phillips & Peters for guidance on how to help you move forward. The first step is understanding your options. This will help you make a plan that works for you and your family. Taking a step into the unknown can be scary. After a consultation with a knowledgeable attorney from Phillips and Peters, you will be able to put the fear behind you and move forward. Our attorneys know this process is difficult and overwhelming. Our firm provides support and guidance that caters to the needs of each client.

Step Two: Build a Team 

Phillips & Peters’ attorneys work as a team and engage their clients in the process and decision making of the case. For other support, build a “team” consisting of close family and friends that are willing to support you through this process. Additional team members may include professional help, such as individual counselors, a life coach, or a financial advisor. Whatever your individual needs, our attorneys can make recommendations based on their professional relationships with counselors, coaches or financial advisors. We will work to help guide you through this most difficult time and move you forward

Step Three: Begin to Rebuild

Your family will look different as it is changing. Your family dynamic will evolve into a new and different family unit. You may need to learn things in life that were taken care of by your former spouse. You may need to take a personal finance or investment class if you have never managed money. If you have children that will miss family traditions, particularly around the holidays, start new traditions that are unique and special to your new family dynamic
If you decide that the “New You” for the New Year, does not include your spouse, Phillips & Peters is here to help you move forward.


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